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Jan 31

What are signs you'll notice from a guy who is into you?

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Jan 31
There are several signs that a guy may display if he is into you. However, it's important to remember that everyone is different, and these signs may vary from person to person. Here are some common signs that a guy may show if he is interested in you:

1. Increased attention: He pays more attention to you, remembers details about your conversations, and shows genuine interest in your life.

2. Frequent eye contact: He maintains eye contact with you during conversations and often looks at you when he thinks you're not noticing.

3. Body language: He leans towards you, faces you directly, and mirrors your body language. He may also touch his face or hair more often when you're around.

4. Initiates contact: He takes the initiative to call, text, or message you first. He wants to keep the conversation going and maintain regular communication.

5. Makes an effort: He goes out of his way to spend time with you, whether it's planning activities or suggesting outings together.

6. Jealousy or protectiveness: He may show signs of jealousy when you talk about other guys or become protective of you in certain situations.

7. Compliments and teasing: He gives you genuine compliments, notices small changes in your appearance, and playfully teases you in a friendly manner.

8. Active listener: He actively listens to you, remembers details about your life, and shows empathy and understanding when you share your thoughts and feelings.

9. Body language cues: He may display nervousness or fidgeting when you're around, such as playing with his hands or adjusting his clothes.

10. Introduces you to others: He introduces you to his friends and family, wanting to integrate you into his social circle and show that he values your presence.

Remember, these signs are not definitive proof of someone's feelings, and it's always best to communicate openly and directly with the person to understand their intentions.

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