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Elias Rivera Jr
Jun 22

How can I date a girl from long distance?

How can I date a girl who is long distance? I've been dating a girl from long distance and meet her in person for a long time.

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May 3

Is it "normal" for sister missionaries to do wellness checks on guys in their 30s that live alone?

Is it a “normal” thing for “sister sister missionaries stries” to text a fellow mormon who hasnt been going to church for some time…. (And who is a male in their 30s that lives alone)…. For a “wellcheck" of sorts?? Text (from unknown number) “Hi ****, this is Sister Missionaries! We are in your area today and wanted to see if we can stop by and get to know you some more! Is there a time today that we can come by for a quick visit?" "Wont be home" "Ok sounds good haha, enjoy your day!" I am use to elders texting or asking to stop by but I think it's inappropriate for a group of young girls to be doing wellness checks on guys. I ask this bc Im pretty sure my mom put them up to it….. bc Im dating someone that isnt mormon that she doesnt like and that she likes to spew lies about invovle many people that have no buisiness being up in my buisness. Just something seems…….. off ….. about the whole situation.

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Feb 19

Consumer preferences?

1. If we observe a consumer choosing (x1, x2) when (y1, y2) is available one time, are we justified in concluding that (x1, x2)  (y1, y2)? 2. Consider a group of people A, B, C and the relation “at least as tall as,” as in “A is at least as tall as B.” Is this relation transitive? Is it complete? 3. Take the same group of people and consider the relation “strictly taller than.” Is this relation transitive? Is it reflexive? Is it complete? 4. A college football coach says that given any two linemen A and B, he always prefers the one who is bigger and faster. Is this preference relation transitive? Is it complete? 5. Can an indifference curve cross itself? For example, could Figure 3.2 depict a single indifference curve? 6. Could Figure 3.2 be a single indifference curve if preferences are mono￾tonic?�

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Kendra Wilson
Nov 4, 2022

Need relationship advice from a man's point of view? ?

So I need some male opinions on how they would react in this particular situation. About 4 months ago my boyfriend had needed his electric bill paid, he had a AR-15 rifle that he pawned to me for the money to pay the bill. He hasn't since then paid it back and a few weeks after he said "just keep it" but he don't remember that. Well a month after I had it we had gotten into a huge fight because he went to go get drunk with his friends with his ex also there. He called me everything in the book from slut to whore you name it he said it , which has happened several times because of her. I out of hurt and anger shot the gun without him and then proceeded to let a mutual friend of ours that is a male shoot the gun he shot it once I shot at once. We talked it out after about a week of fighting nothing was mentioned about the gun being shot. Our mutual friend had brought it up in a conversation they had that he got to shoot the gun I had and now my boyfriend went from I love you forever I'm so happy we're together I want to spend the rest of my life with you too I can't trust you there's no loyalty there and I don't respect him. He screamed at my face to get the fuck out and then proceeded to try to throw me out of his house. All this over the gun being shot before he got to shoot it. There's been several times he's lied to me about going with his ex, I caught it on his security cameras one day him getting in her vehicle 30 minutes after I had left and when I seen her pass and he said that he was not going to be around that weekend I called them out on it and I was overreacting over thinking and it led to a big fight as well., That I would consider as major disrespect but you know I got over it. My question is guys how would you react if your girl shot a gun that belonged to you before you got to and then let y'all's male friend shoot it? Would y'all be so willing to throw the relationship away and any future you had with the girl? In this argument he smarted off "go ask some other men how they'd react"  , not realizing that's exactly what I'm gonna do...  Thanks in advance!

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Dec 31, 2020


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