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Mar 25

Wht are the steos taken when teaching children sounds with a song? ?

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Mar 25
When teaching children sounds with a song, the following steps can be taken:

1. Choose a song that focuses on the specific sounds you want to teach. For example, if you are teaching the /s/ sound, choose a song that has a lot of words with that sound.

2. Play the song for the children and encourage them to listen for the sound you are focusing on.

3. Sing the song together with the children, emphasizing the sound you are teaching. Encourage the children to repeat after you and really exaggerate the sound.

4. Use visual aids such as pictures or flashcards to help reinforce the sound. Show the children pictures of words that contain the sound and have them practice saying the words while listening to the song.

5. Incorporate movement into the lesson by having the children act out the words or sounds in the song. For example, if the song has the word "snake" in it, have the children slither like a snake while saying the /s/ sound.

6. Repeat the song and activities multiple times to help reinforce the sound in the children's minds.

7. Provide opportunities for the children to practice the sound in different contexts, such as through games, worksheets, or other activities.

8. Encourage the children to use the sound in their everyday speech and praise them when they do so correctly.

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