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Jul 22

Why I am not getting girlfriend?


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Sunita Gupta
Jul 23
Because your badluck is khrab
Kavitesh Chandra
Jul 24
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It all depends on the situation and conditions. 
Many boys they don't gets any girlfriend like me 🤣 well coming to the point .
Yes it is true that some boys are not getting girlfriend but some are getting girlfriend from. The secondary schools that the attractions and luck of life .
We know that we are single and will die single 🤣 but my advice don't die single .
Well why u not getting any girlfriend it's a general question.  It's also depands on the girl choice they may be wanting a boy who has lots of money to have something to earn for the family in the future . Some girls may be wanting boys with just good hearts and patients helping others people but know days it's not that possible all girls runs for money.  That may be the reason which is good that ir life will not ne waste if that girl is just loving your money not u .
God's has planned don't worry have patients u will gets girlfriend soon .
Just do the good work karma reads Geeta and ramayan gets all gyan . Prayers and bhakti towards God's helps others etc ...

I hope this helps . Need more information please feel free to ask question. 

I know you may be laughing of my answers that I am single 🤣 first so how can I give ideas 💡 .

Anyway don't try any tantric things u may gets girlfriend buy not for long or the life of girls will be spoiled tantric is very dangerous. 
🤣🤣🤣 laughter na .
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