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Dec 11, 2023

Reaction of sperm:- fusion of sperm?

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Dec 11, 2023
The fusion of sperm refers to the process of the sperm cell merging with the egg cell during fertilization. This fusion is a crucial step in sexual reproduction and leads to the formation of a zygote, which eventually develops into an embryo.

When the sperm reaches the egg, it undergoes a series of changes to penetrate the egg's protective layers. Once inside, the sperm's genetic material combines with the genetic material of the egg, resulting in the formation of a diploid cell with a complete set of chromosomes.

This fusion triggers various biochemical reactions within the egg, initiating the development of the embryo. These reactions include the activation of the egg's metabolism, the release of calcium ions, and the prevention of other sperm from fertilizing the same egg.

Overall, the fusion of sperm is a critical event in sexual reproduction, as it brings together the genetic material from both parents and initiates the process of embryonic development.

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