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Cynthia Mugambi
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Jul 16, 2023
Jul 17, 2020

Is it possible to build your own home as a DIY project, following the Passive House Standards?

I was wondering if it is possible to build my own Passive House as a DIY project. I'm not an expert in building any type of houses, but I'm a huge DIY enthusiast. Do you know about anyone who managed to build their own home following the Passive House Standard? Any blogs or YouTube channels which could help in the learning process would be useful as well.

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Mar 18, 2020

Surgical face mask - how to DIY?

How can we make our own surgical face masks at home? During these days, because of the new coronavirus everyone is scared and stressed, some people are wearing masks and we all get nervous when someone squeezes around us on the bus or in public. I've read that during this period it is advisable to follow the epidemiological rules and these recommend wearing masks to protect ourselves against the virus. The only problem is that since the outbreak of the coronavirus, the price of these masks has increased by 1500% and even with such a high price, people bought so many that now it is almost impossible to find any in stores or pharmacies. I assume the only solution to have a mask is to make your own at home. Do you know any DIY instructions for this?

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