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Jul 17, 2020

What was the dambusters dog name?

I saw this film from 1955 the other day, The Dam Busters and there was a labrador in the movie. I don't remember what was the dambusters dog called. I can only recall that it was ridiculous for a dog's name.

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Jul 14, 2020

Can dogs eat watermelon, isn't it dangerous or poisoneus for them?

I have a really sweet 4 months old puppy and she loves all the fruits and vegetables so far. I give her a bite of everything I eat cause I'm curious wether she likes that type of food or not. I've read a lot of articles about giving raw food is genuinely healthy for them but I still can't believe that they may eat each and every type of fruits, vegetables. Of course I know that they shouldn't eat chocolate and sugary stuff, as well as too spicy ones. Please give me some clue wich vegetables and fruits are poisoneus for the dogs.

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