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Why does the sky change colors?

What makes a sunset colorful? Why does the sky change colors?

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Jovan kibirige
Feb 17
Feb 9

Do you know Excited State Computing?

After an atom or molecule absorbs a certain amount of energy, the electron is excited to a higher energy level but not yet ionized. Excited states generally refer to electronic excited states. The translational energy of molecules increases when gases are heated, and the vibrational energy of molecules increases when liquids and solids are heated, but no electrons are excited. These states are not excited states. When an atom or molecule is in an excited state, the distribution of the electron cloud will undergo certain changes, the equilibrium distance between the nuclei of the molecule increases slightly, and the chemical reaction activity increases. Excited State Computing

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Feb 20, 2021

Wich used lcd 24 inch/66 cm it s better Samsung-Panasonic Vieira-Toshiba Regza ?

Wich used lcd 24 inch/66cm it s better Samsung-Panasonic Vieira-Toshiba Regza ?

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Jul 15, 2020

What is covid hespress com? Is hespress a new social media site?

I am aware of the international online media about the covid-19 circus, and there is a new expression called hespress, I would like to find out what does that mean exactly. All this coronavirus misery upsets me 'cause before the worldwide pandamic I could find interesting and informative articles about international economy, banking, politics etc. Now all you can read about is covid and how many have died, how many have been in hospitals. It is sad that all the news sites and media providers only - or mainly - talk about the virus and it's aftermath. Life isn't just about drama and sickness, please! Wow.. so please tell me somebody what's there to know about this so called hespress. Thank you

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Jul 14, 2020

Can dogs eat watermelon, isn't it dangerous or poisoneus for them?

I have a really sweet 4 months old puppy and she loves all the fruits and vegetables so far. I give her a bite of everything I eat cause I'm curious wether she likes that type of food or not. I've read a lot of articles about giving raw food is genuinely healthy for them but I still can't believe that they may eat each and every type of fruits, vegetables. Of course I know that they shouldn't eat chocolate and sugary stuff, as well as too spicy ones. Please give me some clue wich vegetables and fruits are poisoneus for the dogs.

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Jul 5, 2020

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