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May 6

Translate in tagalog . . Can you translate in tagalog?

METHODOLOGY RESEARCH DESIGN These students adopts a mixed- methods research design. Mixed-methods research combines qualitative approaches to provide a comprehensive understanding of a phenomenon (Creswell & Plano Clark,  2018). The design allows for both the exploration of the impact of giving ICT students on their academic metrics. The rationale for employing the design is to capture the nuanced relationship between ICT provisions and academic achievement. the choice of this design is further justified by the multifaceted nature of the research questions posed in chapter | and ||. RESEARCH ENVIRONMENT This study will be concluded at Don Agustin F. Escano National High School(DAFENHS), Bogo,Tomas Oppus, Southern leyte. This school is located in Barangay Bogo Tomas Opus, Southern Leyte. This school is situated at the area where there are more phones, computer,and internet. It offers junior and Senior High school K+12 Curriculum. In Junior High School, offers four grade levels while Senior High School offers Electrical Installation and Maintenance (EIM) , Information Communication and Technology (ICT) and Humanities and Social Science (HUMMS). The total enrollment of student in Dafenhs is 737. RESEARCH RESPONDENT The respondent of this study is the Senior High school ICT Students of Don Agustin F. Ecano National High School, School year 2021-2022. DATA SAMPLING PROCEDURE The researcher approaches the ICT students during their vacant time (recess and lunch break), but before that the researcher asks permission from their advisers regarding the purpose. The instrument are explained to the ICT Students on how to accomplish these. After answering, the questioners are collected by the researcher. The data collected from the ICT students are analyzed and interpreted. RESEARCH INSTRUMENT The researcher gets the personal profile of the ICT student of DAFENHS in terms of gender, age, and grade level. The researcher ask permission first to the respective advisers before conducting the survey questionnaires they prepared for the respondets that aim to collect the needed data.

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Apr 23

What are source language and target language? provide some examples of functional translation.?

What are source language and target language? provide some examples of functional translation.

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