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Jun 9, 2023

How can you answer these below questions Please ?

_Case Study_ - *Factors for effective communication* Nalisiwe is a community development facilitator. She wanted to help young people in her community by starting a support group. She asked a community leader to call a meeting for youth. The community leader called the meeting and asked youths to bring their identity documents to the meeting so that they may register for the project. Because the young people had been asked to bring their identity documents to the meeting, many youth came to the meeting, thinking that the meeting was about applying for a Job. Those who did not have identity documents did not attend the meeting. The youth were very frastrated when they heard that there were no Jobs on offer, and that the meeting was to discuss setting up a support group for youth. Nalisiwe was frastrated because she felt that the community leader may have had other political intentions in asking the  youth to bring their identity documents. Questions: 1. What can you tell about the mental make - up of Nalisiwe? 2. What were the needs of the audience (the youth)? 3. What were the circumstantial Demands that influenced the communication? 4. How could Nalisiwe and the community leader have been clearer about the purpose of the meeting when they sent out the invitation to the youth? 5. The identity document became a distraction and a symbol for something different than what was intended. How could they have avoided this ambiguity? 6. How could Nalisiwe have worked towards a shared goal, despite the initial misunderstanding about the purpose of the meeting?

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