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May 3, 2023

Is it "normal" for sister missionaries to do wellness checks on guys in their 30s that live alone?

Is it a “normal” thing for “sister sister missionaries stries” to text a fellow mormon who hasnt been going to church for some time…. (And who is a male in their 30s that lives alone)…. For a “wellcheck" of sorts?? Text (from unknown number) “Hi ****, this is Sister Missionaries! We are in your area today and wanted to see if we can stop by and get to know you some more! Is there a time today that we can come by for a quick visit?" "Wont be home" "Ok sounds good haha, enjoy your day!" I am use to elders texting or asking to stop by but I think it's inappropriate for a group of young girls to be doing wellness checks on guys. I ask this bc Im pretty sure my mom put them up to it….. bc Im dating someone that isnt mormon that she doesnt like and that she likes to spew lies about invovle many people that have no buisiness being up in my buisness. Just something seems…….. off ….. about the whole situation.

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