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How is the below question answered?

The performance of a superscalar processor is often enhanced with hardware to support the following: Branch prediction Register renaming Out-of-order execution The speculative reordering of load instructions Strided prefetching Sketch an assembly language program that would benefit from the use of all of these techniques when executed on a superscalar processor. (a) Briefly describe how each of the techniques helps to improve the performance of your program. (b) Briefly outline two example programs for which the adoption of the techniques listed would not provide a significant performance improvement.

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What is the purpose of the study?

Diversion is one of the mechanisms for channelling the youth in conflict with the law away from the criminal justice system through reintegration programmes. Diversion is critical to the achievement of a child justice regime that is compliant with constitutional and international obligations. Despite some success in reducing crime among youth in conflict with the law by means of rehabilitating them through diversion programmes, an illumination of the perspectives and experiences of youth is limited in the literature. This article explores the impact of diversion programmes on a sample of ten youth offenders who had been referred to the Youth Empowerment Scheme Programme of the National Institute for Crime Prevention and Reintegration of Offenders (NICRO) in Durban. The article is based on a study that utilised a qualitative research methodology design and employed purposeful non-probability sampling involving youth who had participated on a diversion programme. The findings of this study demonstrated that youth pleaded guilty not because they were guilty, but in order to avoid being incarcerated. This finding implies that some youth plead guilty to a crime they had not committed due to the arrangements associated with pleading guilty, such as being diverted. It is then recommended that there is a need for further research to evaluate the preliminary inquiry process of diversion programmes in order to assess whether they are conducted in a manner that is just and non-discriminatory. It is further recommended that the Department of Justice should develop mechanisms that will ensure that the rights of these youth are protected during the preliminary inquiry of diversion programmes. Further research is needed to empirically assess how decisions are made during the process of diverting the youth and to establish factors that influence decision of the relevant officials. 1. Based on the abstract provided, formulate a research topic that is relevant to this particular study.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      [6 marks] 2. What is the purpose of the study?                                                                        [5 marks] 3. Which research strategy do you think was used in the study? Provide reasons to support your answer.                                                                                                                                                                                               [7 marks] 4. Which data collection method is appropriate for this particular study and why that method is appropriate?                                                                                                                                                                                                                              [7 marks] 5. Identify and define the sampling technique that the researcher used to obtain a sample and inclusion criteria for participation in this particular study.

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Apr 20

The boy who painted the black christ summary notes?

The boy who painted the black christ  summary  notes ?

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Feb 20, 2021

Wich used lcd 24 inch/66 cm it s better Samsung-Panasonic Vieira-Toshiba Regza ?

Wich used lcd 24 inch/66cm it s better Samsung-Panasonic Vieira-Toshiba Regza ?

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Mar 30, 2020

Why do we sound better singing in the shower?

Even if your family groans when you sing along to the car radio, even if you didn’t make the cut for the choir, and even if you got asked to be the drummer rather than the lead vocalist in your friends’ garage band, you sound exactly like your favorite pop (or opera) star in the shower. How come? And why do we enjoy singing in the shower to begin with?

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