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Jun 12, 2023

What is inclusive education?

Questions for Assignment 03 9.1 Read the story below about Jane and respond to the questions that follow. Jane’s story I remember sending my mother all-round the shopping centre – I must have driven her mad – to buy me a local school uniform, even though I didn't go there. I didn't particularly like the way I was treated by school staff – special, frail, in need of very special care. My memories of junior school were not learning to read, add or multiply, nor even how to keep pets.... no, they were of endless hours of physio, tons of art and craft (this was recognised as something I could do and would content me in my adulthood, since no employment was ever envisaged) and pushing myself in my wheelchair down endless corridors and, consequently being tired.' Jane Campbell, 1992. Adapted from Simon Gardner, 1992 9.1.1 Read the Principles of Inclusive Education (Department of Education, 2001, p.18) and answer the questions below: Identify two (2) words and one (1) phrase used by teachers in the extract from Jane’s story that suggest that they were still confusing special education with inclusive education. How does the story reveal that the physical environment did not accommodate learners like Jane? [2] Highlight the evidence from Jane’s story that suggests that even the school curriculum did not cater for learners like Jane? [2] Identify the evidence from Jane’s story that suggests that the school system did not prepare learners like Jane for the world of work.[2] In two (2) sentences, explain how the school struggled to implement the following principles of inclusive education: a) acknowledging that specially trained teachers at special schools teach children who experience barriers to learning[2] b) changing attitudes, behaviour, teaching methods, curricula and the environment to meet the needs of all learners [2 According to the European Agency for Development in Special Needs Education (refer to the Only Study Guide for INC3701, 2019, p. 31), what is the aim of inclusive education?[2] Jane’s story suggests that teachers lacked skills, knowledge, values and attitudes that are fundamental to implementing inclusive education. How can these aspects of capacity development be inculcated in teachers? (Refer to the only study guide for INC3701,2019, p. 31)[2] 9.2. Read the findings from the article by Hall (2002) and respond to the questions below: 9.2.1 Identify the three (3) pieces of evidence from the findings that confirm that the classrooms were bare and unmotivating for learners (Hall, 2002, p. 35)[3] 9.2.2 According to this article, how does the language of learning and teaching contribute to the barriers experienced by the learners? 9.2.3 How do the findings portray the lack of support for learners who experience barriers to learning and development? [2] 9.2.4 Explain the commitment of the Foundation Phase teachers as depicted in the findings.[2] 9.2.5 Mention five (5) factors that may contribute to the confusion experienced by teachers in implementing the principles of inclusive education (Hall, 2002, p. 36). [5] 9.2.6 According to Hall (2002, p. 37), what is the key role of partnership in inclusive education?

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