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Read the passage below and indicate whether Ms. Optimism acted professionally or not. Provide three reasons to support your stance.

As a teacher in the school with a dual medium instruction, Ms Optimism was comfortable because she could communicate proficiently in both languages. The medium of instruction in Ms Optimism’ school were English and Afrikaans. However, in 1997 the demographics of his learners started showing some shifts. The learners’ language of communication increased to ten different languages. Of the ten languages she was proficient in only two languages. Her concern was that he could not cover the need of the entire class. As a learner, she always felt isolated and marginalized because she believed that she never had a teacher who truly saw her. Thus, she always wanted to cover the needs of every learner in her classroom. She felt that she could not accomplish her goal due to lack of language proficiency of the other eight languages

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