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Oct 27, 2023


a mom tried too get me too meet her son but i refused too do so and every time he showed up at my house i don't talk too him i just go too my room or out side the last time he has ben at my house i hide under my blanket's and that was the last time i saw him in a few much later when I finally changed my mind so I texted his mom about it and I told her to tell him I changed my mind that's when I was too late by the time I change my mind he had already moved on and found another girl I was very devastated I was crying like a baby I could not stop solving he had no business and no right to move on and find another girlfriend especially right after I change my mind if you know one of these two people or both of them in the picture please let me know and how do I get over him? The boys name is Shawn childers

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